01 September 2011

Photos from JOMBA! opening night

All Photos by Val Adamson

Unmasking Memory

Vedarsha Singh
“Our Art is not worth nothing; it is a political weapon to remember and recall the bones on which we stand”, were the wise voice of Lliane Loots (Artistic Director of the Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience) as she addressed the opening night audience. The echo of her voice will embody the rest of the 13th edition of this festival.

‘Home? Where is home?'

Julia Wilson
Abdou N'Gom sits before a mirror in a tiny pool of light. He begins to cover his face with a thick white paste and strips of gauze that look as if it will choke him, and there is both violence and tenderness in the gesture.

Remembrances of Savaged Bones We Dance On

JOMBA! 31 August 2011

Opening Night Speech of the 13th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience by founding artistic director Lliane Loots.

I want to take this opportunity tonight to invoke some of the words and thinking of an African philosopher who has been intimately involved in shaping my own personal and on-going consciousness around being an African and a South African; about being an artist, choreographer and at all times an advocate for Earth justice.

Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience