07 September 2011

"more..more..more..future" reviews

more ...more …more …future has its final Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience performance tonight (September 7 at 7.30pm), in the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, then moves to New Dance 2011, in Johannesburg, at the Dance Factory (September 9 and 10 at 8pm).

JOMBA! Fringe reviews

The Politics of Relationships

Julia Wilson

A common thread between the first three works of Jomba! Fringe 2011 was that the structure of the works was overly complicated.

05 September 2011

Beautiful ME???

Kirsten Holder

The dance film WHO IS THIS?... Beneath My Skin – Layer 2, by DesirĂ© Davids, is a sequel to her Jomba! 2010 performance Who Is This Beneath My Skin?

Twisting Tragedy

Julia Wilson
Dada Masilo’s The Bitter End of Rosemary and Helene Cathala’s La jeune fille que la riviere n’a pas gardee (The Young Girl the River Didn’t Keep), are similar in their subject matter and yet vastly different.

Stripped Down to the Truth

Kirsten Holder
The concept of using nudity to make a statement is extremely powerful and opens up a rare sense of vulnerability.
Skin, choreographedbyLliane Loots, danced byThobeka Quvane (aka) TeeKay, is an intently powerful and personal work which deals with the idea of skin on many different levels.

Our Art is NOT a Crime!

Vedarsha Singh
Candy sticks, boerewors, steel drums and b-boys …
Live “legal” graffiti, marimbas, Castle Lager and projection are a few of the elements which amalgamated into one artistic voice that screamed “Halala eThekwini!” at this year’s Jomba! City Street Party, curated by David Gouldie.

02 September 2011

Decolonising The Stage

Kivithra Naicker

"Our art is not worth nothing", stated JOMBA! Artistic Director Lliane Loots in her poetically powerful and profound opening address which set the tone for the evening and the next two weeks.

Entre-Deux (In Between) choreographed by Clarisse Veaux and Abdou N'Gom aka Stylistik, hip-hop dancers and founders of French company Compagnie Stylistik, was the opening performance of the 13th annual JOMBA!Contemporary Dance Experience. This solo performed with extreme fluidity and focus by N'Gom, begins in almost darkness which heightens the aesthetics of the animalistic and ritualistic way in which he moves on the ground.

Spreading The Love

Kirsten Holder

The opening performance of the Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience 2011 exploded into action with two striking performances that could potentially be life-changing.

The work by Abdou N'Gom (aka) Stylistik's Entre-Deux (In Between) speaks largely to the crisis of identity in Africa in general, where people are being forced to take sides, in a war against themselves. Watching this performance felt like seeing a man whose blood was boiling inside his body, with nowhere to go but inside. The intriguing juxtaposition of hip-hop, traditional music and jazz, impacted on a very different level as far as use of the technique goes.

01 September 2011

Photos from JOMBA! opening night

All Photos by Val Adamson

Unmasking Memory

Vedarsha Singh
“Our Art is not worth nothing; it is a political weapon to remember and recall the bones on which we stand”, were the wise voice of Lliane Loots (Artistic Director of the Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience) as she addressed the opening night audience. The echo of her voice will embody the rest of the 13th edition of this festival.

‘Home? Where is home?'

Julia Wilson
Abdou N'Gom sits before a mirror in a tiny pool of light. He begins to cover his face with a thick white paste and strips of gauze that look as if it will choke him, and there is both violence and tenderness in the gesture.

Remembrances of Savaged Bones We Dance On

JOMBA! 31 August 2011

Opening Night Speech of the 13th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience by founding artistic director Lliane Loots.

I want to take this opportunity tonight to invoke some of the words and thinking of an African philosopher who has been intimately involved in shaping my own personal and on-going consciousness around being an African and a South African; about being an artist, choreographer and at all times an advocate for Earth justice.

30 August 2011



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JOMBA! City lights Up the Night Friday 2 Sept - An Art Street Party of the Year

Press release: 29 August

JOMBA! City lights Up the Night

JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience presents what promises to be Durban’s art street party of the year this Friday at 7pm.

Delving head first into a site-specific encounter with the city centre, JOMBA! City is an amalgamation of dance, music, art, installations, lights, sound, film, and one or two VERY happening DJ’s.

29 August 2011



The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts and its celebrated annual contemporary dance platform, JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, invites dance-lovers to explore this year’s 11 day festival which opens on 31 August and runs until 11 September. JOMBA! now in its 13th year, and supported by the National Lottery Distribution Fund, has dance offerings which encompass the very best of local and international dancers and dance companies. (full programme on www.cca.ukzn.ac.za)

28 August 2011

Special Screening of Wim Wenders film PINA

Special Screening of Wim Wenders film PINA

An exciting prelude to the 13th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, organised by the Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal) with principal funding from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, is the one-off screening of the feature-length dance film PINA. Directed by legendary German filmmaker Wim Wenders, PINA is a tribute to late choreographer-dancer, Pina Bausch, and has drawn exceptional attendances in Europe.
Wenders takes the audience on a sensual, visually dazzling journey of thrilling dance. Following the dancers of the renowned Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch ensemble out of the theatre into the city and surrounding areas of Wuppertal – the place which was home and centre for Pina Bausch’s creativity - Wenders captures the essence and magic that is encapsulated in Bausch’s art. A keen cinema experimentalist, Wenders has made this film in 3D, saying “3D is a perfect medium to portray the multi-dimensional movement of dance”.

09 August 2011


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