10 September 2012

!AÏA From cave to sky


Themba Mbuli, Isaac Rakotsoane and Thierry Moucazambo in !AÏA From cave to sky
Photos: Val Adamson

The 2012 Eric Shabalala Dance Champion Award

Local dancer, choreographer and dance educator Sifiso Kitsona Khumalo has been announced as the recipient of this year’s “Eric Shabalala Dance Champion Award” which was established by the Centre for Creative Arts (UKZN) and the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, in memory and recognition of dancer, choreographer and dance educator Eric Shabalala. 

Sifiso Kitsona Khumalo 

07 September 2012

Caesar, interrupted

From back: Sbusiso Gantsa, Sandile Mkhize and Mxolisi Nkomonde in Caesar, interrupted
Photos: Val Adamson

Satire, Symbolism and Social Comment
By: Caitlin Perkins

Jay Pather’s Caesar, interrupted is anything but tedious. His stage is a kaleidoscope of images, colours and symbols; a plethora of unusual and innovative props litter the stage.

Somewhere, out there, life was screaming

The cast of Somewhere, out there, life was screaming
Photos: Val Adamson

First published in The Star Tonight
Mzansi Moves

By: Adrienne Sichel

When dance companies from two different countries collaborate across geographical and cultural lines there are two possible outcomes. Either an imposed mish-mish or an organically sound creation.


The cast of Aba(ka)ntu
Photos: Val Adamson


Finding our own voices
By: Thobe Molefe

Aba(ka)ntu is deeply rooted in finding one’s identity. The stage is set up to symbolise a very sacred space as Musa Hlatshwayo carefully, cautiously enters it.

06 September 2012


The Floor Assassins in Alive Through the Music
Photo: Val Adamson

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Vincent Mantsoe in SKWATTA
Photo: Val Adamson 

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05 September 2012

Henriette & Matisse

“Henriette & Matisse”
Photo: Val Adamson

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Opening Night Speech by Lliane Loots

29 August 2012

On the front line again

Karl Marx believed that revolutions push history forward. For each civil and social revolt, a society pushed closer and closer to his imagined socialist paradise. Neo-Marxist Antonio Gramsci, corrected Marx, and said revolutions are not always necessary, all we have to do, to shift our lived conditions, is to stop consenting to the dominant discourses of capital. We have to stop buying the lies packaged and sold to us by governments eager for votes and corporations eager for financial power. In short, to uses Noam Chomsky’s phrase, we have to fight the political and social ‘manufacturing of consent’ that allows us to put up with things as they are and accept dire situations as ‘normal’.

02 September 2012

Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience